29 January 2017

Baby wish list

I'm now six months pregnant and the due date (beginning of May) is getting closer by the minute! I'm beyond exited and my baby wish list is getting very long. In this post I mention just a few items that I'm hoping to get my hands on. I can't help but love the little chair from Nofred even though it might not be sat on for another year or so. Everyone needs a pram and the one we like is called the The Dubatti One, it's definitely a winner in my eyes. Although my mother in law pointed out that it’s supposed to be bad luck to have it in your home before the baby arrives, I guess we’ll have to wait a little with this one. The bedding and the canopy are from Numero74, they deserve a blog post of their own, I can't get enough of this brand and I just want everything! A diaper bag is also a must-have but I'm struggling to find one that I like and if you have any suggestions they are more than welcome! At the moment I'm thinking of going for a nice "normal" bag. I would love the Major bag by Hope, it would be suitable for both me and my man to carry and it has some handy pockets for those small items. The beautiful handmade polar bear mobile I found on Etsy is by Patricija, which would look great in any nursery. Last but not least is the sweet little creature in the corner from the brand Pigmee, you can find him in an Amsterdam based store called Archive Store, they sell so many other great things too so definitely worth a visit if you’re in town.


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