22 January 2017

The Loft

Hello, starting this blog was very exiting but not long after my last post I found out that I was pregnant which is amazing news and the blog had to take a little unexpected break. Now I’m ready to jump back in and be more active and post more in the future, starting with this beautiful place in Amsterdam, The Loft. It's a pop-up apartment in the center of Amsterdam filled with gorgeous design from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately today is the last day to visit but you can buy all the interior on their website. I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful brown marble countertop in the kitchen and all the details throughout the apartment.


  1. Vilket fantastiskt porträtt över sängen. Vet du vem som fotat?

    1. Hej Angelique, ja den är väldigt fin! Fotografen heter Maarten Schroder. Den finns att köpa på The Lofts hemsida, https://entertheloft.com/product/iris-maarten-schroder-photography/

    2. Hej, tack snälla för svar. Jag ska genast kolla upp detta. :)

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