28 October 2017

Bisou de Lou

Bisou de Lou is a dutch brand by Eveline Boer. I found her on Instagram @bisoudelou a while back and fell in love with her feed and all the lovely things she makes. Every product is unique, she hand makes all of them herself and they are absolutely gorgeous, the quality and the finish is so good! With inspiration from her boy Lou and little girl Lizzy she designs and creates some wonderful pieces. I had been eyeing out the beautiful rabbithead for a while so I contacted sweet Eveline and I got my hands on one in a gold/mustard colour that almost shimmers in the light. I definitely don’t mind if this lovely animal doesn't get tidied up straight away because it looks great laying around anywhere in the house. I really like the simplicity of the kite, it makes any children's room look fun and stylish and Norman loves it too! You can get one of her special objects for your own home on her online shop at


  1. Looks so beautiful! the mustard colour is perfect and your little boy is too cute! would love to know where you purchased the pedestal from? I was thinking of making one also but not sure...yours looks great!

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s actually a cement pedestal that I bought at a garden center and then painted it the same color as our walls :) They are fairly easy to make! Good luck with yours!

  2. I’m not sure I like the kite tail. It would be easy to choke/strangle a baby


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