16 October 2017

Norman 25/05/2017

Hello, once again it's been pretty quiet here on the blog. I really enjoy blogging and from now on I'll try and add more regular updates! The main reason it’s been a while this time is the birth of our beautiful boy, Norman! He was born on the 25th of May and he's absolutely perfect :)

Before I got pregnant I already knew I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby, I wanted it to be a nice surprise. Norman was due on the 11th of May but that day came and went without any sign of our little baby. I hoped that the contractions would start naturally and we tried all kinds of tips, spicy food, long walks and other things… I also had about three membrane sweeps which was not very pleasant! After two weeks of waiting patiently he was still not ready to come out on his own, so it was time to help mother nature out a little by getting induced. First it involves a procedure where they insert a small ballon which they fill with water, something I was not looking forward to so in the afternoon on Wednesday the 24th of May I was 41 + 6 days and I went to the hospital with Steve by my side (who I could not have done any of this without) hoping for the magical three however I was still not dilated more than one and a half centimetres. That evening around 18:00 they inserted the balloon and the contractions started pretty soon after. Around 23:00 I had very strong and frequent contractions which meant that the balloon had done its job and I was three centimetres, yay! They took the ballon out and the contractions got weaker but kept on going steady every ten minutes. I had to stay in the hospital that night but unfortunately Steve wasn't allowed so he stayed until 00:00 and came back around 7:00 in the morning. Because of the contractions I only managed to get two hours sleep which was not the best prep for a lengthy delivery! At 8.00 in the morning they induced me by giving me the drip to proper start the contractions, and they got very strong very very quickly. The most difficult thing for me was not getting any breaks in between contractions. This was all part of giving birth and the pain was supposed to be a good thing to help the birth along so I tried to stay positive with help from Steve and I was sure that it was progressing nicely. At 12:00 the pain was getting so much worse and the skippy ball I had been sitting on for the last two and a half hours was not providing much relief anymore, almost the opposite, any movement made it worse, so the midwife decided to see how far I was dilated and to everyones disappointment I was still only three centimetres! I was already extremely tired since I only got two hours sleep the night before so without a doubt we decided to take an epidural. I didn't really have an exact birth plan, to be honest we hadn't taken any courses or planed much for the delivery, I preferred to take it as it came but I hoped for a natural birth as much as possible. Making use of an epidural is something I didn’t have in mind but I must say it was the best decision at the time. After this I felt like a different person or should I say like myself again and things really picked up, after just three hours I was ten centimetres and it was time to push. I felt very good and even with the epidural I could really feel every contraction and I could push quite hard.  After one and a half hour I was still going strong but our little boy still didn't want to come out and his heart rate was dropping so they decided he needed some help. They had to use a thing called a kiwi, it’s a suction cup they put on his head attached to a tube which the gynaecologist could pull at the same time as I pushed, eventually at 17:29 our little baby was born. Steve was the first to see it was a boy and we were both so exited and overwhelmed. Steve cut the cord and after that we just lied there and looked at the most beautiful boy. He was absolutely perfect! The next few hours were a bit of a blur but I remember feeling like the luckiest person. Even though it was nothing like I pictured it nine months earlier we both just took it as it came. I can now look back on the hole experience and remember an amazing moment and we couldn't imaging our lives without him.

I was only planning a short birth story but somehow ended up with all this and there’s even more I could write as baby Norman had a slight fever when he was born so we had to stay in the hospital for a few days. It wasn’t at all bad because the staff at the Bronovo hospital in the Hague were absolutely amazing throughout so I want to end with a big thank you to everyone there!

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