12 November 2017

Instagram favourites

I really love Instagram, I follow quite a few people and there’s so many inspirational accounts out there! Here’s a few of my favourites that I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

@josefin.haag is my amazing and talented sister. Her Instagram is always so exciting. She and her wife are having a baby in December so our little Norman is getting a cousin soon, so exited!

@linneasalmen is a beautiful freelance interior stylist, she takes amazing photos and she’s hilarious, her posts always make me laugh!

@billie_and_i is a super cool mum of two little sweethearts that you see lots of on her Instagram. She’s also a brilliant photographer, her photos makes my jaw drop every time!

@linda_lomelino is my go to when I’m looking for a recipe, her delicious cakes and amazing photographs are a definite winner. She gives me so much inspiration when I try to photograph food!

@betonstudios formerly known as Mini Mocks is a company created by the wonderful Petra (@minimockspetra) If you're in Stockholm make sure you go visit her shop, it’s gorgeous!

These five Swedish super women sum up some of my Instagram favourites, go and follow!
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